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"Richard & Elizabeth Deaves"  


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Inshore Atlantic 85 "Richard & Elizabeth Deaves"
The Atlantic 85 is a rigid inflatable lifeboat, introduced in the latter half of 2005 as the latest development of the B class. It has a manually operated self-righting mechanism. gear. The Atlantic 85 is fitted with radar and VHF direction finding equipment.  
Introduced in:  
Length: 8.5m Range: 3 hours at max. speed

Beam: 2.8m
Crew: 3 or 4

Displacement: 1.8 tonnes

(no crew)

Construction: Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRC) hull with inflatable sponsons

Speed: 35 knots    






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Inshore D Class (IB1)"Christine"
It is ideal for rescues close to shore where larger lifeboats cannot operate. The D Class can be righted manually by the crew after a capsize. Identifying features include a single 50hp outboard engine, operational number on side tube and is orange in colour
Introduced in:  
Length: 4.9m
Range: 3 hours at max. speed

Beam: 2.64m
(8ft 8in)
Crew: 3

Displacement: 338 Kg Construction: Nylon coated with Hypalon

Speed: 25 knots